A Fashion Line That's Chic And Responsible: Cienne

Nicole and Chelsea of the uber chic brand CIENNE source custom made fabric from all over the world, including Ethiopia and Japan. I am lucky enough to work with them as their developer and manufacturer, (attempting) to perfect fit and design while dealing with not so easy fabric conditions. They were recently featured on Fast Company which I thought to share here

They are one of the few brands I love and adore and can actually imagine wearing. The above wooly chunky comfy hoodie is a must have in your home to cuddle to while watching netflix (to chill) and to keep in the office when the heat is not on.

The boyfriend blazer spruces up your workwear and shares a message that you don't take yourself too seriously but you shouldn't be fucked with.

There are currently a few styles we are currently producing which obviously I can't share yet but they are beautiful. Bangin'. I'm talking a mix of comfy and sexy, the ultra combo. I love CIENNE, thank you ladies for making me feel cool and relevant when I wear your stuffs.