People I Envy for Being a 30 Under 30: Halsey

photo from her instagram

Welcome to 2016, the year I turn 32 and inevitably linger towards the status of an ahjumma. As I gratefully leave behind a tumultuous and yet uneventful year, I've (perhaps foolishly) set big goals and expectations for myself to achieve in 2016, not excluding what may be the most challenging and useless thing a person can do: launch a goddamn contemporary fashion line. 

While drowning in feelings of insecurity and fear of failure may not be the most healthy way to begin, I'm inspired and (more than) slightly envious of these amazing individuals listed on Forbes 30 under 30. My current obsession: a contemporary pop star in the making named Halsey.

First of all: how did I not know about this badass chick before? How come she hasn't shown on my "Discover Weekly" playlist on Spotify? What? She did a song with Justin Bieber? What? She's bi-racial, bi-sexual, bi-polar? What? She's 21?! What? She's had more changes in hair color than the rainbow spectrum can handle? She's NUTS! And I love her for it.

As for her pop music, I assume she'll become the next Taylor Swift, but with a bit more of an electro-kick. Her voice is a bit too high and soft for my liking (I prefer the froggy depths of Lorde and Adele), but considering how absolutely beautiful she is on and off the stage (that mole under her nose! that body!) it's enough of a distraction to stick on and witness the rise of a quirky contemporary pop star.

Joann Kim